Beer, Wine & Spirits Retailers Celebrate Tavern Month This May

Raise a glass and toast America’s bars and the people who make them great

May is Tavern Month LogoBETHESDA, MDApril 30, 2015 – This May, America’s Beer, Wine and Spirits Retailers are encouraging their colleagues and customers to raise a glass in celebration of Tavern Month. Established in 1953, Tavern Month is supported by American Beverage Licensees (ABL) and celebrated each May in communities coast-to-coast. Tavern Month is an opportunity to highlight American bars and taverns that create millions of jobs in cities and towns throughout the country.

“Whether you’re watching the big game, meeting a colleague after work, or dropping in to say hello to your favorite bartender, Tavern Month is a chance to celebrate the culture of the American tavern,” said John Bodnovich, Executive Director of ABL. “In addition to their people and personalities, America’s bars and taverns are also a key component of the economic engine that is the hospitality industry.”

Direct retail alcohol sales in on-premise, licensed establishments account for as many as 1.23 million jobs; $31.7 billion in wages and benefits; and more than $76 billion in economic output according to the 2014 Economic Impact Study of America’s Beer, Wine and Spirits Retailers. When including all sales by on-premise, full-service restaurants and drinking places, those numbers climb to 3.94 million jobs; $96.8 billion in wages and benefits; and over $241 billion in economic impact.

From the Colonial Era through Prohibition and into the 21st century, American bars and taverns have been central gathering places for community residents and welcoming sanctuaries for weary travelers. Bars and taverns know no class hierarchy, providing a common forum for those from all professions and walks of life to discuss ideas and offer their assessment of the American landscape.Tavern Month

Today’s bars, taverns and nightclubs are as diverse as their communities, and as some of first businesses on America’s Main Streets, are often a part of civic history and tradition. Bars and taverns are also a key link between consumers and a thriving and innovative beverage alcohol marketplace. Thanks to the Three-Tier System, bars and taverns work with distributors to serve thousands of products from brewers, distillers and vintners – large and small, domestic and international. Bars and taverns are the proving grounds for new products; reliable providers of trusted brands; and home to cicerones, mixologists and sommeliers who can help customers enjoy a local craft beer, the latest imported vodka, fine wine from California or a multitude of other products.

As beverage licensees, bar and tavern owners are keenly aware of the responsibility they have to their customers, staff and neighbors. By standing opposed to drunk driving, actively working the stop underage access to alcohol and training their staff in the science and art of responsible service, these businesspeople are holding up their end of the bargain when it comes to selling beverage alcohol responsibly and preventing its misuse.

During Tavern Month this May, join American Beverage Licensees, the largest national trade association dedicated to supporting and promoting the beverage alcohol retail community, its local bar & tavern members and the millions of customers they serve, in raising a glass to celebrate the American tavern – the friendliest place in town!

Included in our media kit is a poster, an FAQ sheet, and the Tavern Month logo for use.