Tavern Month

National Tavern Month is the largest celebration of America’s bars and taverns. With tens-of-thousands of on-premise retail alcohol licensees of various shapes and size in every state across the country, the month-long campaign marks the positive role that bars and taverns play in their communities and is celebrated every May.




Who Started National Tavern Month? 

Inspired by the historical role of taverns since the Colonial Era, and the success of local bar and tavern businesses after the end of Prohibition, the National Licensed Beverage Association (NLBA) established National Tavern Month in 1953. Along the way, state and local governments have recognized that May is Tavern Month and today, NLBA’s successor association, American Beverage Licensees (ABL), carries on the tradition.


What Are The Goals Of National Tavern Month? 

Highlight the hardworking men and women of the tavern industry;

Recognize the important role that taverns and bars play in American culture;

Emphasize the overwhelmingly positive economic impact that bars and taverns have on their communities;

Encourage support of locally-owned beverage businesses and licensees;

Increase awareness of the steps bars and taverns are taking to ensure the responsible service of beverage alcohol; and

Increase appreciation and recognition of the link taverns provide between consumers and the thousands of beer, wine and spirits products on the market.


Shouldn’t We Celebrate Taverns Year Round - Not Just In May? 

There are plenty of occasions throughout the year that call for a visit to your local tavern. National Tavern Month is just one of the many ways to recognize independent beverage alcohol retailers.  Beverage licensees can take the next step in supporting their industry by joining their state licensed beverage association and ABL.

How Does ABL Celebrate National Tavern Month? 

We celebrate National Tavern Month by promoting and raising awareness of local bars and taverns.


Do Beverage Alcohol Businesses Need Permission To Participate? 

No, you don’t need anyone’s permission to celebrate National Tavern Month. We encourage you to use the official National Tavern Month logo and promotional materials (below and to the left).


Tavern Month Promotional Materials

Tavern Month Logo

Tavern Month FAQ