The overwhelming majority of ABL members receive their benefits through ABL’s Affiliate Member Program, whereby an individual retailer automatically becomes an ABL member through their direct membership in a state Licensed Beverage Association (LBA) that is a member of ABL. ABL also offers an At-Large Member Program that is available for retailers who meet one (1) of the following (2) criteria:

     1. Own a retail alcohol license in a state that does not have an LBA; or

     2. Own a retail alcohol license in a state that does have an LBA but it is not an ABL member

ABL Represents YOU on the Issues That Matter Most to Beverage Licensees

21st Amendment Direct Shipping Drunk Driving Estate Taxes Federal Excise Taxes Marketplace Fairness Music Licensing Overtime Pay Swipe Fees Three-Tier System And More!


Economic Impact Data

Detailed reports on the economic contributions of the alcohol beverage retail industry by state, Congressional district, and state legislative districts, including economic impact, jobs, wages, and tax contributions. The customized reports can be used in meetings with state and local officials and regulators to highlight the important role your businesses play in the community.


Members-Only Magazine

Each quarter, ABL publishes a digital members-only magazine covering the latest developments in the beverage alcohol leading. The magazine features columns by ABL President, Executive Director and leading industry partners such as the National Beer Wholesalers Association and Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America; legal and legislative updates; key developments at the state level; and more.

Regulatory & Administrative

In addition to serving as a clearinghouse for state retail alcohol associations to share and discuss alcohol regulations at the state level, ABL monitors and acts on federal regulatory or administrative actions. Whether meeting with highway safety administrators, health and human services officials, tax and trade representatives, transportation safety advocates, Department of Justice attorneys or federal government agencies, ABL shares its members’ perspective on the beverage alcohol administrative and regulatory fronts.

Subject Matter Experts

At ABL, we pride ourselves on bringing beverage retailers from across the country together to exchange experiences, share thoughts, ask questions and gain a better understanding of the beverage alcohol industry. As an association built around multi-generational, family-owned small businesses, we have retailers with 30+ years experience and knowledge who make themselves available to provide guidance and advice on topics including alcohol taxes, Sunday sales, server training, residency requirements, music licensing, minimum pricing, cannabis, and direct shipping.

$250 Annual Dues

State Contacts

As a small business owner, it's one thing to know about the potential threats to your business from new or existing state laws. It's a completely different thing to know who in your state capitol you should be speaking with to have your concerns addressed. With ABL's access to a nationwide database of state legislatures, members, committee assignments, and staff, ABL Staff can provide you with the information needed to support your interests in meetings and briefings in your respective state.

State Law Database

The efforts of state legislators in Boston today could end up on the floor in the statehouse in Baton Rouge tomorrow. Knowing about the differences in state alcohol laws can help prepare your business for the future. That’s why ABL offers members access to a state law database covering a wide range of legal issues across all 50 states. Unable to find what you’re looking for? Just contact ABL Staff and we’ll do the digging and provide you with the information you’re looking for!

Congressional Updates

ABL provides its members with monthly updates on key legislative action in Congress that has the potential to impact the beverage alcohol marketplace. This includes music licensing, swipe-fees, music licensing, direct shipping, estate taxes, federal excise taxes, disability act reform, and more.


As a foremost advocate for the validity of the Three-Tier System and the 21st Amendment, ABL has always supported states’ rights to regulate the sale of beverage alcohol to consumers and supported the rights of its state affiliates to advocate for legislative and regulatory policies. In addition to maintaining an active legal fund and weighing in on court cases that may have an impact on ABL members in jurisdictions throughout the U.S., ABL also engages with the U.S. Department of Justice on federal legal issues.

Have Questions or Looking for Additional Information on ABL's At-Large Member Program?

ABL Staff is here to provide any additional information you may need or to answer any questions you may have about the association, ABL At-Large member benefits, etc.