5 reasons to register for the 2015 ABL Annual Conference.

Need a reason to register for the 2015 ABL Annual Conference in June? Here are 5 great ones!

  1. Stock - Credit CardsPayment card liability is shifting in October.  Is your business prepared?

Whether its swipe fees, new security standards, preventing data breaches, liability shifts or various legal cases, there’s plenty to talk about when it comes to payments cards. Join David Matthews, General Counsel at the National Restaurant Association for an insightful session on what the new EMV shifts mean for small businesses.

  1. Have you ever received a negative review on Yelp? Chances are you have. How do you address that?

Word-of-mouth is moving online, and user generated content websites like Yelp.com are becoming increasingly powerful as consumer guides. Darnell Holloway, Senior Manager of Community Outreach, will address the power of Yelp and how use your business tools to manage your online reputation.

  1. The beer business is as exciting as it’s ever been.  Record numbers of breweries and interest in a multitude of brands and styles – big and small – is all over the news and social media.

While federal and state policies are being debated, the underlying beer business is full of interesting issues including commercial trends, marketing campaigns, packaging and general approaches to meeting the needs of consumers. Simply put: there’s a lot to talk about. Learn about the latest trends in marketing, products, and the beer industry’s future. This great panel will give you plenty to think about.

  1. What’s next in marijuana legalization?

Free Stock MJAs of 2014, four states and the District of Columbia have passed ballot referendums legalizing recreational marijuana.  2016 could see as many as 15 states with ballot iniatives. Legal cannabis remains a hot topic in the media, at cocktail parties and in state houses across the country. Join ABL as we discuss the future of legalized marijuana.

  1. Network with fellow retailers & industry

Celebrate with your fellow retailers and industry partners at the Annual Top Shelf Awards ceremony, Monday night, honoring Dr. Peter Cressy, President & CEO of DISCUS. Other networking opportunities including coffee breaks and an opening reception, will provide ample time to meet new friends and say hello to old ones.