Why are you stopping by your local package store this November?

Tell us why you’re stopping by your local package store @ablusa  #PLSM

  • A mixologist I follow on Twitter recommended a locally-made gin.
  • I’m picking up a bottle of champagne to celebrate our anniversary!
  • They sponsor my softball team and contribute to the community, so I support them.
  • I signed up for a food and beer pairing class being put on by a local chef.
  • It’s the only place that I can find my favorite liqueur. They special order it for me.
  • I read about a new zinfandel in my Facebook feed and I want to try it.
  • They refused to sell to my daughter’s underage friends. I appreciate that they don’t sell alcohol to teenagers.
  • My friend told me about this new triple-hopped IPA that I have to try.
  • I tasted a whiskey at the local distillery and want to buy a few bottles to give to my friends.
  • My wine guy called to let me know that they got in a couple cases of my favorite chardonnay.
  • I support local small business, and I know that the money I spend there stays in the community.
  • I’m grabbing a six-pack to bring over to my buddy’s house to watch the game.
  • I’m picking up a bottle of my dad’s favorite single malt scotch as a gift for his birthday
  • I like trying new wines and I know there’s great selection at the local wine shop.
  • They have the best customer service and most knowledgeable sales staff.
  • I always find something new and interesting in their local beer section.
  • They’re hosting a wine tasting featuring the winemaker from my favorite winery.
  • I’m planning a party and need recommendations on how much alcohol to buy for the bar.