Beverage Retailers Toast 90th Anniversary of Repeal Day

December 5, 2023 — BETHESDA, MD — American Beverage Licensees (ABL), the nation’s leading trade association representing on- and off-premise beverage alcohol retailers, is raising a glass in celebration of the 90th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition, which took place on December 5, 1933. This milestone marks nearly a century of the restoration of a fundamental American tradition: the right to responsibly enjoy beer, wine and spirits.

Ninety years ago today, the 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified, bringing an end to the failed experiment of Prohibition. This landmark accomplishment not only reinvigorated the American beverage alcohol industry but also revitalized local economies and jobs, with taverns, pubs and package stores popping up to meet a thirsty nation.

In addition to reversing the past mistake of the 18th Amendment, the 21st Amendment proved to be forward-looking, providing states with broad authority over the regulation of beverage alcohol.  Today, hundreds of thousands of retail beverage licensees across the country successfully compete in marketplaces structured by the state and local licensing and regulation of their businesses.  Operating under carefully considered rules and constantly scrutinized state laws, local beverage retailers continue to demonstrate their commitment to promoting responsible consumption of alcohol, and safe commerce of age-restricted products.

“The 90th anniversary of Repeal Day serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience of the American spirit and the importance of choice and responsible consumption,” said John Bodnovich, Executive Director of ABL. “Our members, representing a diverse array of businesses across the country, are honored to continue the tradition of providing a welcoming and responsible environment for guests to discover and enjoy products new and old, local and imported, traditional and cutting edge.”

The past nine decades have seen the growth and diversification of beverage establishments, which contribute significantly to job creation, tourism, and the overall economic vitality of their communities.  Despite this success, beverage retailers remain watchful for the re-imposition of Prohibition-like policies that would have a negative impact on jobs, tax revenue and economic activity.

“Small beverage businesses are committed to the reputational protection of beverage alcohol and will stay vigilant against any efforts to bring back the failed policies of the past,” said Bodnovich.  “Beverage licensees’ focus continues to be on educating consumers, responsible sales and service practices, and collaborative efforts with industry, lawmakers, regulators and the public to address concerns.”

ABL invites all beverage licensees and their customers nationwide to join the celebration of Repeal Day and encourages everyone to come together to commemorate the end of America’s failed noble experiment.

Support Small Business Package Liquor Stores This Holiday Season

BETHESDA, MD – With the holiday season officially underway, American Beverage Licensees (ABL) is encouraging consumers to support their local package liquor store.  Local beverage retailers continue to provide customers with the widest selection of beer, wine and spirits of any country in the world and meet the needs of evolving trends as well as longstanding tastes of adult beverage consumers.

“Black Friday” and, just as importantly, “Small Business Saturday”, provide great opportunities to shop local small beverage businesses.  Package stores are some of the last independently owned businesses on “Main Street” in America, and comprise the all-important retail component of the three-tier alcohol market framework.  By working with thousands of brewers, distillers and vintners, and tens of thousands of beverage distributors, hundreds of thousands of off-premise beverage licensees build brands and keep pace with product styles to make sure customers are satisfied.

Package liquor stores come in all shapes and sizes, from convenient local wine shops to 20,000 square foot destination liquor stores with thousands of products from around the world.  These businesses all compete for customers and depend on state and federal governments to ensure a competitive playing field where beverage businesses large and small can succeed and meet public demand.  This means enforcing trade practice laws for beverage alcohol and applying laws like the Robinson-Patman Act to prevent price discrimination against small business.

Speaking of competition, package liquor stores are also part of a broad effort to secure Congressional support for a more competitive credit card routing system which would save merchants and families billions of dollars.  Momentum is building in Congress to pass the Credit Card Competition Act, which simply asks that big banks and giant credit companies compete – just like package liquor stores do every day.

Package liquor stores also continue to play a vital public safety role in a variety of ways. Whether supporting the “We Don’t Serve Teens” campaign; preventing counterfeit or tainted alcohol from reaching the hands of consumers; using technology and training to make sure that customers are at least 21 years of age; or working with industry partners and regulators to ensure proper tax collection, package liquor stores are doing their part to ensure a safe domestic alcohol market.

The economic impact of off-premise businesses remains significant.  The 2020 Economic Impact Study of America’s Beer, Wine & Spirits Retailers found that off-premise retailers have a direct economic impact of more than $50 billion annually.  Off-premise retailers further account for more than 620,000 jobs and $22 billion in wages and benefits – along with generating $21 billion in federal, state, and local taxes.

As Package Liquor Store Month winds down this November, and the busy buying season kicks into high gear, ABL encourages everyone to support their local, independent package liquor store this holiday season.  Cheers!


ABL Honors Outstanding Beverage Alcohol Retailers at Annual Meeting

June 30, 2023

BETHESDA, MD – American Beverage Licensees (ABL) recognized outstanding bar and package liquor store owners from across the country as ABL Retailers of the Year at the ABL Annual Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri on June 11.  Nominated by their state licensed beverage associations for excellence in advocacy, commitment to responsible sales and service practices, community engagement, and support of their state association, these leaders are ambassadors of the vibrant retail alcohol marketplaces found in states throughout the country.  Whether operating on-premise bars or taverns, or off-premise beer, wine and liquor stores, these business owners are examples of American entrepreneurship and the small businesses that create jobs that power the economy.

“Our members are the engines that make their businesses, associations and industry go,” said ABL Executive Director John Bodnovich.  “They’re on the front lines when it comes to telling the stories about exciting products, creating a welcoming atmosphere for their guests, fighting for their businesses and employees in their state legislatures, and making sure that responsible sales and service never take a back seat. We’re humbled by their dedication and perseverance, and so pleased to recognize their hard work.”

The 2023 ABL Retailers of the Year include:

  • Mary Burns | City Limits Package Store | Monroeville, AL
  • Ken Kichler | Tacky Jacks | Orange Beach, AL
  • Ron Harrison | Loganville Package Store | Loganville, GA
  • Jim Shirey | Irving Athletic Club | Joliet, IL
  • Gary Gardner | Belmont Beverage | Fort Wayne, IN
  • Julianne Sullivan | Bella’s Liquors | Annapolis, MD
  • Jaskinder Gill | AJ Liquors | Colmar Manor, MD
  • Jay Bond Patel | Curtis Liquors | Weymouth, MA
  • Sue Minehart | MineAgain’s Bar & Grill | Albert Lea, MN
  • Dax Cetraro | Rialto Bar & Casino | Helena, MT
  • Amy & Michael Patalano | Spirits Unlimited | Toms River, NJ
  • Ritesh Pastel | Tiverton Liquor Store | Tiverton, RI
  • Ralph Cantey, Jr. | Traders of Camden | Camden, SC
  • Jimmy Cole & Ann Cole | Poplar Wine and Spirits | Collierville, TN
  • Anuj Mittal | Zipps Liquors | Conroe, TX
  • Mark Rehwinkel | Cusack’s Pub | Marinette, WI
  • Kevin Georges | DT’s Liquor and Tusker Bar | Cheyenne, WY


ABL congratulates all of the honored businesses and licensees for their outstanding and continued contributions to their communities and the beverage alcohol the industry.


ABL Celebrates 21 Years of Representing Beverage Alcohol Retailers at Annual Meeting

June 29, 2023

BETHESDA, MD – American Beverage Licensees (ABL) celebrated its 21st anniversary of representing independent on- and off-premise beer, wine and spirits retailers at the ABL Annual Meeting earlier this month in St. Louis, Missouri.  With the meeting taking places just steps from Busch Stadium, the meeting’s theme of “Swinging for the Fences” was underscored by the messages of meeting speakers who shared information and ideas on how beverage licensees can boost their businesses, their state associations, and their industry.

ABL Annual Meeting attendees heard from an array of speakers from the public and private sectors who covered a wide range of topics.  Industry economist Lester Jones of the National Beer Wholesalers Association shared his insights on both macroeconomic issues and industry-level economic topics.  Stephanie Badger of the Merchants Payments Coalition briefed on the newly introduced Credit Card Competition Act and how beverage retailers can engage members of Congress with grassroots lobbying.  Two security-related presentations – one from the “O.G. of Cannabis Security” Tony Gallo, and another from nightlife security consultant Robert Smith – discussed how high-risk businesses should implement security measures and how they can and should prepare and plan for an active shooter situation, respectively.

From the industry trade association world, Bill Young of the Beer Institute discussed the evolving public health policy landscape for alcohol, and Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of American general counsel Jake Hegeman presented on the current legal climate as well as federal trade practices and cannabis legislation.  Chris Shepard from Beer Marketers Insights closed the conference by opening his reporter’s notebook to discuss a wide range of topics making headlines and how they are being reported in trade media and perceived by the public.

ABL recognized Jim Ryan, Senior Vice President for Constellations Brands, with the ABL Top Shelf Award, the association’s highest honor.  Jim, who is concluding a 47-year career in the beer industry, has been a long-time friend to ABL and its bar, tavern and package store members as a representative of Constellation Brands, the Beer Institute, and the National Association of Beverage Importers.  ABL also recognized the 2023 Retailers of the Year, honoring those beverage retailers who excel in advocacy; responsible sales and service; community engagement; and support of their state retail beverage associations.

In addition to conference support from e-commerce solutions provider City Hive, American Distilled Spirits Alliance and Molson-Coors, meeting attendees participated in a tour and tasting experience at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, where they learned about the history of the brewing icon. The meeting also featured the support of 25 leading distillers and spirits brands.

The ABL Board of Directors elected a slate of new leaders to join those continuing their service on the ABL Executive Committee. Joining the ABL Executive Committee are Terry Harvath of The Wishing Well Bar & Grill in Appleton, Wisconsin who will serve as Vice President – On-Premise; Ben Weiner of Sav-Mor Spirits in Somerville, Massachusetts who will serve as Vice President – Off-Premise; Mat Dinsmore of Wilbur’s Total Beverage in Fort Collins, Colorado who will serve as Treasurer; and Jay Gesner of Souse’s Lounge in Rockford, Illinois who will serve as an At-Large member of the Executive Committee.  These newly elected ABL officers bring a wealth of business and association experience to their new roles having all served as Presidents of their state retail beverage associations.

They join President Bobby Greenawalt of B&B Beverage Management in Auburn, Alabama; Vice President – Off-Premise Josh Hammond of Buster’s Liquors & Wines in Memphis, Tennessee; Vice President On-Premise Steve Morris of Jorgenson’s Restaurant & Lounge in Helena, Montana; At-Large representative Keith Kern of Jimmy’s Saloon in Superior, Wisconsin; and immediate Past-President J.J. Moran, of the Four Winds Liquor & Lounge in Cheyenne, Wyoming.


ABL Statement on Reintroduction of the USPS Shipping Equity Act

May 31, 2023

BETHESDA, MD – American Beverage Licensees (ABL) Executive Director John Bodnovich issued the following statement regarding the reintroduction of the USPS Shipping Equity Act:

“Locally licensed beer, wine and spirits retailers, who bear the responsibility of ensuring that alcohol is only sold to those who are 21 and older, remain steadfastly opposed to legislation that would sanction the shipping of alcohol by the United States Postal Service (USPS).  The USPS Shipping Equity Act (H.R. 3721) would endanger the Constitutional authority that provides states with regulatory oversight over alcohol sales and distribution, and would invariably increase instances of illegal alcohol shipping.

“Legislators have routinely rejected legislation to ship alcohol through the mail in previous Congresses, including over the nearly decade-long effort to secure broad, postal service reform.  An amendment to include the USPS Shipping Equity Act in the bipartisan and successful Postal Service Reform Act of 2022, failed to secure even a vote from the House Oversight Committee.

“State alcohol regulators are steadily learning more about the serious problem of illegal alcohol shipping in the United States.  They are taking steps to stop illegal shippers and to prevent counterfeit and tainted alcohol problems that are sadly more common in other countries.  Creating another pathway for illegal alcohol shipping – especially one in which the shipper is not accountable to state alcohol regulatory actions due to its federal sovereignty – threatens to undermine the progress state officials are making in shutting down illegal alcohol shipping.  It also jeopardizes what is the most vibrant alcohol marketplace in the world, where companies large and small can compete and thrive, and consumers are afforded a wider selection of products than ever before.

“With the U.S. Postal Service looking to cut costs to offset deepening losses, and facing serious mail delivery issues, now is not the time to ask its hardworking employees to take on the task of complying with 50 sets of state alcohol shipping laws.  Beverage licensees encourage members of Congress to reflect on the negative implications this legislation would have on the Constitutional authority vested in the states per the 21st Amendment, and the public safety risks it would create.

“With plenty of other challenges facing Main Street beverage businesses, we encourage members of Congress to refrain from supporting this legislation, and instead work on issues that bring together the beverage alcohol industry and those it serves.”


Keep Support of Bars & Taverns Flowing This Summer

BETHESDA, MD – With the unofficial start of summer this weekend, American Beverage Licensees (ABL), the national trade association representing America’s beer, wine and spirits retailers, is encouraging beverage consumers to continue their support of their local bars and taverns throughout the summer selling season.

Building on Tavern Month this May, and with socializing, outdoor events, and vacations in full swing, the summer months present a unique opportunity for bars and taverns to play a vital hospitality role and capitalize on the heightened demand for beer, wine, and spirits and the social experiences they compliment.  For example, beer sold between Memorial Day and Labor Day accounts for nearly 40% of total annual beer volume in the U.S., according to the Beer Institute. Rose and white wine are also summer favorites, as are refreshing and innovative seasonal cocktails.

Beyond the summer season, the positive economic impact of bars and taverns is felt year-round in economies both national and local.  Annually, on-premise alcohol sales create 1.14 million jobs, pay over $33 billion in wages, and have an overall economic impact of $82 billion to the national economy, according to the “2020 Economic Impact Study of America’s Beer, Wine and Spirits Retailers” from economics firm John Dunham & Associates.

“Bars and taverns serve their communities during the summer season by providing enjoyable experiences for consumers and contribute to their local economies by hiring seasonal employees,” said ABL Executive Director John Bodnovich.  “After celebrating taverns this May, we are reminding everyone to continue to support these businesses this summer so they can continue to offer space for connection as we all get over the isolating effects that linger from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Bars and taverns are a way for people to connect with others in safe settings that emphasize human interaction.  This role is more important than ever what with the recent release of a report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that found that about half of U.S. adults are experiencing measurable levels of loneliness.  By fostering a sense of community by hosting events, supporting local charities, and acting as a venue for various community gatherings, bars and taverns can create a sense of belonging and provide a space for community interaction that can’t be replicated in a virtual setting.

As consumers’ tastes evolve, bars and taverns are also changing with diverse offerings that reflect the explosion of new beverage products, and the reliability of established and proud brands.  Trends in beverage alcohol tend to start in on-premise locations where patrons can taste and experiment with new styles and drinks, including no-alcohol and low-alcohol offerings.  Summer also presents an opportunity for bars and taverns to create memorable experiences with outdoor seating, special events and seasonal drink menus for customers to explore and enjoy.

As Tavern Month comes to a close this May, and the summer season heats up for America’s bars and taverns, ABL reminds everyone that there’s no better place to connect and celebrate with others this summer than at a local tavern, the Friendliest Place in Town.


Industry Hot Topics and Speakers Highlight ABL Annual Meeting Agenda

Register Today to Join ABL in St. Louis on June 10-11

Bethesda, MD – Beverage alcohol industry hot topics are on the agenda when the ABL Annual Meeting convenes on June 10-11, 2023 in St. Louis, Missouri.  REGISTER today to hear from experts on issues that impact the hospitality industry and many of the responsibilities of operating a retail beverage business.

With the COVID-19 pandemic officially over, lingering changes and the new normal of inflation, workforce challenges and evolving generational expectations by customers and employees are just some of the topics that speakers will touch on during the ABL Annual Meeting in June.

2023 Annual Meeting sessions and speakers include:

  • Alcohol Industry Economic and Market Update – Lester Jones, Vice President, Analytics & Chief Economist, National Beer Wholesalers Association


  • Payment in Retail: What’s Going on with Swipe Fees? – Stephanie Badger, Vice President, The Nickles Group; Merchants Payments Coalition


  • Reporter’s Notebook: Beverage Alcohol Media Insights – Christopher Shepard, Writer & Editor, Beer Marketer’s INSIGHTS/Craft Brew News/Alcohol Issues INSIGHTS


  • Cannabis: From Application to Operation– Tony Gallo, Managing Partner, Sapphire Risk Advisory Group


  • Direct-To-Consumer Case Study: Michigan – Spencer Nevins, President, Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association


  • Active Shooter Awareness – Robert Smith, President & CEO, Nightlife Security Consultants


With more speakers and sessions being added, the time to register for the ABL Annual Meeting is now. Registration is open and is $349 per person.  Click to REGISTER for the ABL Annual Meeting.  Make sure to BOOK YOUR ROOM at LIVE! By Loews – St. Louis to get the ABL Annual Meeting rate of $215/night++.  Rooms are available on a first come, first-served basis and are going fast.

The ABL Annual Meeting will also feature networking and social events including the ABL Top Shelf Award Luncheon sponsored by Molson Coors Beverage Company, and a tour and tasting of the Anheuser-Busch St. Louis Brewery sponsored by Anheuser-Busch.

Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with colleagues at the Opening Night Reception on Saturday, June 10 while enjoying a wide range of industry products from the following supporters: Beam Suntory, Brown-Forman, Campari Group, Diageo, Dripping Springs Distilling, E&J Gallo Winery, Edrington, Garrison Brothers Distilling, Infinium Spirits, Mast-Jägermeister US, Lalo Spirits, Luxco, Milestone, Moet Hennessy US, Pernod Ricard USA, Remy Cointreau, Samson & Surrey, Sazerac, Serralles USA, Stoli, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, and William Grant & Sons.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available.  Please contact Susan Duffy at 301-956-3657 for more information.

For more details and updates on the ABL Annual Meeting program and speakers, visit:


Register Today for the ABL Annual Meeting

Celebrate America’s Beverage Retailers June 10-11 in St. Louis

Bethesda, MD – Registration is open for the 2023 American Beverage Licensees (ABL) Annual Meeting to be held June 10-11, 2023 at LIVE! By Loews in St. Louis, Missouri. ABL is turning 21 in 2023, and will be marking that beverage alcohol industry milestone by continuing to unite independent on- and off-premise beverage licensees, just as it has since 2002.

Despite hospitality industry headwinds during the pandemic and with macro-economic developments over the past couple of years, the ABL conference will highlight the importance of a competitive, diverse and consumer-focused beer, wine and spirits marketplace, and serve as a reminder of the value and growth created by America’s bars, taverns and package liquor stores.

The meeting will feature speakers on a variety of topics, including alcohol industry practitioners as well as experts on issues facing beverage licensees.  Topics that will be featured during the meeting’s general sessions include:

  • Alcohol Industry Economic and Market Update
  • Retailing Cannabis: What Beverage Retailers Should Know
  • Payment in Retail: What’s Going on with Swipe Fees?
  • Direct-To-Consumer Alcohol Sales
  • The Workforce and Labor Landscape
  • Reporting on the Industry: Beverage Alcohol Media Insights
  • ABL Alcohol Policy Overview
  • And More…

For more details and updates on the ABL Annual Meeting program and speakers, visit:

Registration is open and is $349 per person.  Click to REGISTER for the ABL Annual Meeting.  Make sure to BOOK YOUR ROOM at LIVE! By Loews – St. Louis to get the ABL Annual Meeting rate of $215/night++.

The 2023 ABL Annual Meeting will also afford attendees the chance to meet with their peers from across the country and the industry.  Through a series of networking and social events thanks to sponsors including the American Distilled Spirits Alliance, Anheuser-Busch, and Molson Coors Beverage Company, those in attendance will be able to connect with their colleagues.  Starting with the Opening Night Reception on Sunday, June 10, followed by the ABL Honors Luncheon and closing with a tour and reception at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, meeting participants will enjoy a wide range of industry products from well-established and up-and-coming industry brands and supporters.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available.  Please contact Susan Duffy at 301-956-3657 for more information.


ABL Will Be ‘Swinging for the Fences’ at the 2023 Annual Meeting on June 10-11 in St. Louis

BETHESDA, MD – American Beverage Licensees (ABL) announced today that it will hold the 2023 ABL Annual Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri on June 10-11, 2023. The meeting will be held at Live! by Loews – St. Louis and will feature speakers, networking opportunities and hospitality for on- and off-premise beverage licensees and members of the beverage alcohol industry.

“We couldn’t be happier to bring the ABL Annual Meeting to the Heartland with the iconic backdrop of America’s Pastime just steps away,” said ABL Executive Director John Bodnovich.  “This year’s annual meeting will focus on how beverage retailers can ‘swing for the fences’ in a rapidly changing alcohol industry and retail business environment.”

The annual meeting program will cover a range of topics facing beverage retailers with insights shared by top practitioners in the beverage alcohol, regulatory, legal and policy fields.  Key issues will include industry competition, workforce and labor issues, inflation and economic pressures, supply chain shifts, enforcement and regulation of alcohol laws and much more.  Meeting attendees will be able to bring insights and information back from the conference to their states to help them be stronger advocates for themselves and their businesses.

“ABL turns 21 years old this summer, marking a familiar number for bar, tavern and package liquor store owners.  We’re excited to celebrate this milestone for the trade association and our members and emphasize the important place independent beverage retailers have in the American economy,” said Bodnovich.

With the annual meeting taking place in Ballpark Village in downtown St. Louis, meeting attendees will have easy access to sports and entertainment – in addition to soon-to-be-announced hospitality events at the ABL Annual Meeting.

Additional information – including sponsorship opportunities, registration and room rates, speakers, schedule, and hospitality events – will be announced in the coming weeks. For the latest updates and information on the 2023 ABL Annual Meeting, be sure to visit


ABL Welcomes Provi As An Associate Member To Provide Education On Digital Solutions To On-and-Off Premise Retailers Throughout the U.S.

BETHESDA, MD – American Beverage Licensees (ABL) today announced Provi, the largest ecommerce marketplace for the beverage alcohol industry, has joined its membership program as an associate member. As ABL’s newest member, Provi will provide education and perspective around the emergence of technology and its ability to streamline efficiencies for on-and-off premise retailers.

Digital solutions, like Provi, have been widely adopted throughout the industry to optimize revenue, strengthen connections, and generate growth for the overall beverage alcohol sector. Trade buyers, specifically, have leaned on digital tools to lessen burdens stemming from macro-economic challenges such as labor shortages and inflation.

“We are excited for Provi to become ABL’s newest Associate Member, and to share with beverage licensees another tool they have to make their businesses more efficient and profitable,” said ABL Executive Director, John Bodnovich. “Successful bar owners and package liquor store owners are increasingly making use of technology solutions to grow their businesses and stay on top of new products and brands while still operating in a three-tier compliant way. Provi gives these small business owners another way to search, discover and order the products their consumers rely on.”

Founded in 2016, Provi’s mission is to bring greater efficiency to the beverage alcohol industry and the existing three tier system. Alongside its digital solutions, the company also generates content-driven resources for retailers through its publishing vehicles, Beverage Media Group and SevenFifty Daily.

“Our goal is to make the jobs across the retail, distributor, and supplier tiers easier,” stated Taylor Katzman, Provi’s Founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to be part of ABL to further educate its beverage licensee members on how to effectively navigate through the digital transformation of our sector and reduce the day-to-day challenges they deal with.”

Through its Associate Membership Program, ABL will provide Provi with opportunities to connect with beverage retailers to exchange perspectives, resources and expertise, and provide support on emerging issues. Provi’s membership with ABL is an expansion of the company’s ongoing efforts to support key organizations throughout the beverage alcohol sector such as DISCUS, WSWA, NBWA, Massachusetts Package Store Association, and hospitality associations throughout the country.

To learn more about Provi, visit



About ABL (

American Beverage Licensees (ABL) is the preeminent national trade association for beverage alcohol retailers.  Direct retail beverage alcohol sales in the United States generate more than a 2.03 million well-paying jobs.  ABL’s thousands of on-premise and off-premise licensee members are independent and often family-owned establishments.  The beverage retailing industry pays over $27.9 billion in federal taxes and $20.0 billion in state and local taxes.

About Provi (

Provi is the largest online marketplace that simplifies the complex process of ordering wholesale alcohol by connecting buyers, distributors and suppliers. Active in key markets throughout the U.S., Provi’s robust, online marketplace improves communication and efficiency for on- and off-premise buyers, distributors and suppliers. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Chicago, Provi received Built In Chicago’s Best Places to Work recognition in 2022. In 2022, Provi joined forces with SevenFifty, which included the Beverage Media properties with industry legacy dating back to the repeal of prohibition, along with SevenFifty Daily, an award-winning industry publication discussing the beverage alcohol business and culture.

Media Contacts:


Susan Duffy

Senior Director of Operations & Trade Relations

(301) 956-3657


Kelley McGann

Director of Corporate Communication

(845) 494-3784

Package Liquor Stores Take November Momentum into Busy Holiday Season

November 30, 2022 — BETHESDA, MD – With the December around the corner, America’s package liquor stores are looking to build on a busy start to the holiday season in November with a push to meet consumer needs into the holidays and the New Year.

Not only did off-premise alcohol retailers celebrate Package Liquor Store Month this November, they also participated in the re-launch of the “We Don’t Serve Teens” campaign, promoting the responsible sales and service of beer, wine, and spirits.  And while their on-premise tavern and bar colleagues were busy serving customers on Thanksgiving Eve or “National Bar Night”, as it’s known to many, local package stores were busy recommending drink pairings for Thanksgiving dinners, keeping the shelves stocked on Black Friday, and serving their communities and neighbors who stopped by to support these trusted home-grown businesses on Small Business Saturday.

November was also a busy time for package stores in states like Colorado and Massachusetts, where they engaged in campaigns on ballot initiatives that directly affect their businesses, employees, and customers.  Despite being vastly outspent by out-of-state corporations and national chains, state retail beverage organizations notched victories for their members, educated the public and elected officials about their businesses, and did their part to preserve vibrant independent beverage alcohol marketplaces for their communities.

In Washington, DC, off-premise beverage licensees continue their grassroots advocacy for pro-small business legislation, including fighting for the passage of the Credit Card Competition Act, which would bring much-needed competition to the broken credit card payment system; making sure that changes to federal data privacy laws work for Main Street businesses; and sharing their experience when it comes to trade practice laws and other regulations to ensure a competitive beverage alcohol market.  These efforts come after package liquor stores were almost universally recognized as essential businesses during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The economic impact of off-premise businesses is significant.  The 2020 Economic Impact Study of America’s Beer, Wine & Spirits Retailers found that off-premise retailers have a direct economic impact in excess of $50 billion annually. These retailers further account for more than 620,000 jobs and $22 billion in wages and benefits – along with generating $21 billion in federal, state, and local taxes.

While their economic impact is notable, package liquor stores also play a vital public safety role. Whether preventing counterfeit or tainted alcohol from reaching the hands of consumers; using technology and training to make sure that customers are at least 21 years of age; or working with industry partners and regulators to ensure local accountability – including proper tax collection – package liquor stores are doing their part in America’s beverage alcohol ecosystem.

With a busy Package Liquor Store Month coming to a close, and even busier times ahead, ABL encourages everyone to support their local, independent package liquor store this holiday season.  Cheers!

ABL Supports ‘We Don’t Serve Teens’ Campaign

November 15, 2022 — BETHESDA, MD – American Beverage Licensees (ABL) announced its support today for the re-launch of the “We Don’t Serve Teens” campaign, underscoring beverage alcohol retailers’ commitment to preventing underage access to alcohol and alerting adults to the dangers of illegally providing alcohol to minors.

America’s Beer, Wine & Spirits Retailers have supported the We Don’t Serve Teens program since its inception in 2006 as part of a longstanding effort by ABL to address underage access to alcohol.  ABL is proud to once again to stand with alcohol regulators, industry partners and community organizations to amplify the We Don’t Serve Teens campaign’s important message.

“As shoppers and patrons get ‘in the spirit’ in the coming weeks, many of them will choose to include beer, wine and spirits as part of their celebrations,” said ABL Executive Director John Bodnovich. “During this busy time – though truly all year around – beverage licensees recognize and embrace the role they play when it comes to preventing underage access to alcohol through vigilance, training and responsible sales and service.”

ABL state affiliate associations are also joining the We Don’t Serve Teens campaign this fall.  These organizations and their member businesses will be promoting the program and its clear message in their local communities and to their customers, be they at the local bar or package liquor store.  This grassroots connection is a hallmark of independent retailers who are locally licensed and the last to handle beer, wine and spirits before they reach consumers.  With close proximity to customers and their authenticity as locally owned small businesses, independent beverage licensees are an essential link in the three-tier responsibility chain and terrific ambassadors to deliver the We Don’t Serve Teens message.

“The We Don’t Serve Teens campaign is an important piece of the bigger puzzle when it comes preventing underage access to alcohol,” said Bodnovich. “We Don’t Serve Teens raises the issue with adults and parents, which is critical in making sure underage drinking continues to decline. Truly the message is We Don’t Serve Teens…and neither should you.”

For more information about the We Don’t Serve Teens campaign, including customizable materials that can be downloaded for display and use, please visit