May Is National Tavern Month

Join ABL in Recognizing Bar & Tavern Owners by Celebrating the 65th Annual Tavern Month

APRIL 25, 2018 – BETHESDA, MD – American Beverage Licensees (ABL) is proud to recognize May as National Tavern Month (Tavern Month). Since 1953, Tavern Month has served as an opportunity to support local hospitality businesses; promote the responsible service and enjoyment of beer, wine and spirits; and educate the public about the history, traditions and economic impact of the hundreds-of-thousands of on-premise beverage licensees throughout the United States.

The traditions of local bars and taverns embody the individualism and entrepreneurial courage that is the American spirit. One of the hallmarks of the bar and tavern business is face-to-face interaction with customers, to which many bar and tavern owners attribute their desire to enter into the business. While getting to know your customers’ first names has become somewhat of a novelty in today’s world, it remains an integral part of running a successful bar or tavern.

“Bars and taverns are as much a part of the nation’s fabric and history as George Washington and Paul Revere, and have played an integral role in the development and formation of this nation for nearly 250 years” said ABL Executive Director John Bodnovich. “While much has stayed the same during this period, the times are changing faster than ever; bars and taverns continue to adopt, embrace and utilize a range of new technologies and tools in an effort to increase safety and improve the overall customer experience.”

The American bar and tavern, commonly referred to as the “Friendliest Place in Town,” are the personification of community spirit and social culture – central tenets to this nation’s civic fabric. Whether a multi-generational family owned and operated tavern, a new wine bar, an upscale lounge or the corner bar, these establishments provide their customers with the same central function: serving as the place where members of the community join together for a meal and a drink, to celebrate and commiserate, to catch up on local news with friends and neighbors, or to simply catch a game on TV.

While much has stayed the same, the culture of bars and taverns has also changed. With an increasing emphasis on responsible consumption, it has become vital for bar and tavern owners to operate their establishments with a strong sense of decorum and security. In order to provide the safest and friendliest atmosphere for their patrons, these owners and operators strive to employ innovative and effective methods of age verification, crowd control, and server training.

According to the 2016 Economic Impact Study of America’s Beer, Wine & Spirits Retailers, direct retail alcohol sales for on-premise, licensed establishments account for as many as 1.41 million jobs; $35.9 billion in wages and benefits; and more than $76 billion in economic impact annually. When including all sales by on-premise, full-service restaurants and drinking places, those numbers climb to 5.66 million jobs; $136.7 billion in wages and benefits; and over $275 billion in economic impact.

This May, join ABL and its state bar and tavern association affiliates in embracing the historic and modern roles of the American bar and tavern, the hardworking individuals who strive to keep the doors of their businesses open, and the good jobs they provide to those in their communities. Celebrate Tavern Month this May by raising a glass to the American bar and tavern – #TheFriendliestPlaceInTown.

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