American Beverage Licensees Statement Regarding Indefinite Postponement of ABL Annual Meeting

March 12, 2020

BETHESDA, MD American Beverage Licensees (ABL) Executive Director John Bodnovich issued the following statement regarding the 2020 ABL Annual Meeting:

“In preparation for the 2020 ABL Annual Meeting, scheduled to be held in New Orleans on March 29-30, ABL has been tracking the COVID-19 situation, including monitoring official guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and the Louisiana Office of Public Health, and communicating with those involved with the ABL Annual Meeting.”

“Over the past week, cascading developments with COVID-19 have heightened concern and raised potential risk for those planning on traveling to and participating in the annual meeting.”

“After deliberative and careful consideration, and with the safety of our attendees, members, speakers, sponsors and staff top of mind, we have decided to indefinitely postpone the 2020 ABL Annual Meeting.

“As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, ABL will be working with leaders in government and industry to make sure hospitality businesses are informed and prepared to protect their staff and customers, and to address the economic impact that containment and mitigation protocols may have on bar, tavern and package store businesses across the country.”

“We appreciate all of those ABL members and industry partners who planned to attend the 2020 ABL Annual Meeting and support “America’s Beer, Wine and Spirits Retailers.”  We look forward to raising a glass with them at the next ABL Annual Meeting.”