ABL Elects Officers for 2020-2022

July 30, 2020

BETHESDA, MD – American Beverage Licensees (ABL) elected officers to two-year terms at the association’s 18th Annual Meeting in July.  Officers elected were Mat Dinsmore of Wilbur’s Total Beverage in Fort Collins, Colorado, Treasurer; Juan Negrin of Super Wine Warehouse in Paterson, New Jersey, Vice President Off-Premise; Jay Gesner of Souse’s Lounge in Rockford, Illinois, Vice President On-Premise; and Terry Harvath of Wishing Well Bar & Grill in Appleton, Wisconsin, At-Large Representative.

“The newly-elected officers provide a diverse set of beverage alcohol retail experience, with perspectives of on- and off-premise independent operators,” said J.J. Moran, ABL President and owner of the Four Winds Liquor & Lounge in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  “Mat, Juan, Jay and Terry are long-serving volunteer leaders of the ABL Board of Directors and their state associations, and I am grateful that I’ll have their wisdom and guidance on the ABL Executive Committee.”

In addition to Moran, the new officers will join the ABL Executive Committee with Bobby Greenawalt of B&B Bartending in Auburn, Alabama, Vice President On-Premise; Chris Marsicano of The Village Supper Club in Delavan, Wisconsin, Vice President On-Premise; Warren Scheidt of The Cork in Columbus, Indiana, At-Large Representative; and Steve Morris of Jorgenson’s Restaurant & Lounge in Helena, Montana, Past-President.  John Bodnovich is Executive Director of ABL.

ABL advocates for public policy on behalf of its 13,000 bar, tavern and package members in 28 states, working in Washington, DC and supporting its state retail alcohol association affiliates with information and relationships with retail licensees and across the broader alcohol and hospitality industry.  ABL is led by an active board of directors representing ABL’s state affiliates.  The board annually elects four officers to two-year terms, wherein they join current ABL officers in leading the association toward meeting its strategic goals.