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ABOUT US: Since its founding in Tuscaloosa in 2005, the Alabama Beverage Licensees Association (ABLA) has represented the state’s alcohol beverage retailers at all levels of government. The organization was formed to provide a voice to small independent businesses in Alabama.

The ABLA is a non-profit trade association dedicated to serving the needs of the retailers licensed to serve beverage alcohol in the State of Alabama. The association provides services in legislative and government relations, legal information, and education. We also promote the industry on behalf of our members.

ABLA currently boasts 100+ members and is active in outreach from around the state.


We want to protect small business owners against any new regulations and hopefully allow our businesses to compete in the future. We want to level the playing field between all businesses in Alabama so our owners can be more successful.

– Brandon Owens, ABLA Executive Director



Membership Dues: Introductory Offer of Just $99.00 Per Year!