What We Do

American Beverage Licensees is the preeminent national trade association for independent retail beverage alcohol license holders across the United States. ABL’s members, who number nearly 20,000, are comprised of on-premise (bars, taverns, restaurants, casinos) and off-premise (package stores) retailers. ABL continues to grow today thanks in large part to its hard-working members and the support of its fellow industry organizations

ABL’s primary work focuses the interests of beverage alcohol retailers before Congress and in a national setting, as well as providing a unifying network for the retail tier of the beverage alcohol industry. ABL represents independent small business owners and a historical part of the American way of life. Many members operate family-owned businesses that assure the responsible sale and enjoyment of beverage alcohol products by adults.

Beverage retailers, those who last handle beverage alcohol products before they reach the hands of the consumer, are the last line of influence when it comes to reflecting the hospitality industry to the public and promoting and practicing responsible use of beverage alcohol products. They are a key link in the beverage alcohol business chain, and their welfare is of critical importance to the continued health and future of the hospitality/beverage alcohol industry.

ABL works with other members of beverage alcohol industry including wholesalers, suppliers and importers to support educational programs, legislative initiatives, strategic communications and industry unity.